Our Story

Welcome to Copper Lounge

Three enthusiastic friends from Mumbai Goa and Delhi take you on a culinary journey of authentic India, bringing flavours  from the streets of Mumbai, clay oven cooking from Delhi and fresh sea food from Goa. At Copper Lounge there is a strong  focus on customer service, quality of food and presentation. In fact, a wonderfully imaginative and exotic concept unfamiliar  dishes, and tongue-tingling flavours have been created with copper at its heart. Copper Lounge delivers an authentic dining
experience serving real Indian food in its own style.

Copper dishes, copper glasses, copper plates, copper cutlery and a copper décor add up to a truly unique and enjoyable  experience. Flavours, specially bought in by Copper Lounge, means that you taste real Indian ‘home food’ of the kind that  you won’t find elsewhere around Stockport or Manchester. We use whole spice in our dishes. This gives amazing depth and  flavour to the food which can bc both exciting and intimidating. Our cuisine uses the whole palette of flavours – spicy, sour,  sweet and hot all at the same time, making it something that want to jump off the plate. We hope you enjoy the ride!